Read comments from the clients I’ve worked with.

Before I began working with Aurora I felt like I was lost in a fog. I’d had various challenges and brick walls in my professional life, I was going through the menopause, I’d just nursed my mum through dying of cancer, the co-parenting relationship with my son’s father was fractious. It just felt as if my emotions were all over the place and I could never think clearly about what I actually wanted to do. 

Aurora, very patiently and non-judgmentally, helped me pick apart my thoughts and feelings, and clear my mind. Honestly, coaching was nothing like what I thought it would be. It’s been more like a sort of focused counseling, with someone who is totally on your side, holding your hand through it. I feel a lot less hard on myself. I feel less bogged down in petty distractions, and able to see the big picture. And mentally much calmer.

There’s been times when I really wasn’t looking forward to talking about an issue, or thought it would be impossible to make progress on. But Aurora made it so painless to see things differently. I feel like she is a miracle worker!

Sophia Smith, Public Engagement Consultant and Practitioner

“I was looking for coaching, because I had got to a dead-end in my career, where the options available to me in that sector were no longer attractive to me. I knew I wanted to find a different, meaningful activity that would bring me more joy and autonomy, and contribute to both personal growth as well as the generation of a better world. I was drawn to Aurora because of her emphasis on values and social change.

Aurora worked in a highly focused and efficient way that produced a huge learning curve, intense immersion and speedy progress. I found the sessions challenging in a good way. In particular, the creative visualisation method she used helped me tease out and go beyond established self-conceptions, and discover unthought-of possibilities and unexpected pathways.”

Susan, academic.

“I was feeling low about my career and being stuck in a rut. This was to an extent affecting my well-being and family relationships. I was unable to see a way forward whilst having a young family. I felt uncertain of what I wanted to do and how I could achieve anything new. Coaching with Aurora has led me away from negative paths/trains of thought into something more constructive. It has given me belief that a different path is possible outside of my perceived restrictions. I have found it immensely helpful to be supported into looking at myself as a whole. Before coaching, I would have tried to plan and schedule myself out of the rut and the negative thought processes. I am now more reflective about my thought processes and what my body is telling me. I feel like I have gained more control. I am challenging myself to think differently about opportunities, while prioritising energy for myself and my family”

Ruth Sneath, The Wildlife Trust staff member.

“Aurora is a coach with a lot of empathy, who knows how to communicate and create a context of trust in which people are not afraid to express and expose themselves as they truly are. She knew how and when to put me out of my comfort zone to understand myself better and move towards where I want to be in my life and in my social change work. She knew how to identify different aspects of myself and adapt to each of them. Our sessions helped me achieve exactly what I was looking for: a new perspective for my career and a new vision for my life”

Laurianne Veillard, Zero Waste Europe staff member.

“We covered so much in the six sessions package I signed up for. I’m amazed! And sometimes in a really short amount of time in a session, Aurora helped me move forward on something quite significant. She really helped me embed everything I learnt in the sessions in my actual real day to day life, rather than floating around in the endless ether of optimism. She was great at bringing in a variety of activities to help me see things differently and recognise my feelings and needs in new ways and then support me to find the commitment to make them reality. You won’t necessarily get the things you expect to get from this process, but you’ll probably get something else which is ultimately more helpful and sustainable. For me, it was about learning the things I need in daily life. I thought I already knew this, but it turns out I had a lot more to learn!) and how to put them in place to set myself up for success. Aurora has a lovely, caring approach and being held (gently) to account was a huge help to make sure good intentions actually became reality”

Jessica Cooke, transitioning from maternity leave into community work.

“Aurora is a really good coach. I found the visualisations and embodiment exercises very helpful. They brought me to places I hadn’t realised I needed to go and I feel so much more empowered now. Aurora asks you very good questions, which guide you to where you need to go with a good balance between challenging yourself and feeling safe. Questions I wouldn’t think of asking myself. When things get shaky she has an amazing way of bringing you back into your bodily sensations and feeling grounded again, which is a great skill to learn when difficult situations show up in real life. After our sessions together, I gained clarity and a sense of direction and commitment in relation to my identity after having moved to a new country: who I want to be, what I want to do and where I want to live”

Emily Munro, freelance language tutor.