Coaching for change

Hi, I’m Aurora (she/her).

I coach values-led people to bring about the change they’re looking for in their personal or professional life. My coaching is holistic, inclusive and creative, and is informed by my commitment to justice and social change.

Coach Aurora Trujillo leaning against a stone wall.

Change can often feel elusive: 

you may feel stuck, confused, lack hope, direction or motivation

you may feel unbalanced, burnt out or overwhelmed 

you may have a feeling that something is lacking or that you could feel happier in life

you may be full of clarity and excitement, yet be putting off doing what really matters to you

Whatever change you’re craving, we will work together to untangle the puzzle so that you feel empowered to move towards where you want to be and feel more fulfilled, effective and balanced as a result. 

Those who have experienced my coaching describe me as “professional, open, caring, creative, motivating and with a lovely sparkle”. 

“Aurora is a coach with a lot of empathy, who knows how to communicate and create a context of trust in which people are not afraid to express and expose themselves as they truly are.” 

Laurianne Veillard, Zero Waste Europe staff member.

What can I support you with?

Work life is a huge area of our lives. So much is entangled in it: self worth, survival, ambition, impact in the world, meaning…

And so often we feel stuck, unmotivated or overwhelmed at work. You may want to re-assess your work situation, how your values align with it, change jobs or career path or take a break, but lack the clarity, motivation and confidence to do so. You may be transitioning from parental leave, a break or unemployment to work and struggling to navigate this transition.

Coaching offers powerful resources, insights and tools to confront any of these situations and turn them into an opportunity for change, action and growth. 

You may be looking for change in your life so that you can be more effective bringing about change for others. It is hard to drive change if you’re feeling depleted, confused or overwhelmed, or your personal or professional life is not working for you.

Whether you’re a professional campaigner, an activist, working for a not for profit organisation or involved in a community project, you will know that working towards social change can be hard. So much it’s at stake that it can be difficult to prioritise oneself and find a balanced approach that will avoid burn out and empower you to be more effective. You may also be grappling with feelings of guilt and despair in the face of huge injustices and issues such as climate change.

Coaching offers you a space for reflection. A chance to dig deeper into yourself and the questions you’re grappling with and work towards creating new perspectives, building a solid basis from which to take action and find a balance between your personal life and your commitment to social change.

I have been there. Setting up a business from scratch. I have done it in a collective, and as a solo entrepreneur. Taking a passion from dream to reality. It is exhilarating: working towards what you believe in, learning, sharing a vision with others and achieving results. And it is hard work: doubts, overwhelm, fuzzy boundaries between work and personal life, burn out.

Whether you’re thinking of becoming self-employed and dithering about it or are a seasoned entrepreneur, coaching can be pivotal in starting or making your business a success that is rooted in your values, your wellbeing and your fulfilment.

As I think most parents experience, when my little one arrived, my life was turned upside down in a way I had not experienced before. That overwhelming sense of responsibility, paired with exhaustion and the loss of self. You may be going through a grief process for the life you once had and that has been put on hold, or you may be struggling to balance everyone’s needs and find space for your own. You may be struggling with feelings of guilt or with honouring the relationship with your partner, co-parent or your friends. Whatever your experience, parenthood is a huge transition in life. I can support you to navigate this change.

I am a solo parent. I used donor conception to create the family I was craving. I am familiar with the dilemmas and questions that arise when deciding to go down a non-traditional path to create your family, whether your family includes children or not. You may be confronted with many practical and existential dilemmas. I can support you to clarify what matters to you and navigate the challenges of setting up a family structure that is different from the norm.

I can support you in other areas too

The above is a selection of situations I can support you in, not an exhaustive list. If you don’t see what you are looking for but like the sound of my coaching approach, I invite you to get in touch or book a free, no obligation discovery chat so that we can discuss how I can support you.

“Aurora helped me move forward on something quite significant. She really helped me embed everything I learnt in the sessions in my actual real day to day life, rather than floating around in the endless ether of optimism.”

Jessica Cooke, transitioning from maternity leave into community work.